Environmental Concerns


Much of Afghanistan’s forests have been destroyed during the past several decades because of war and unsustainable commercialization and a huge percentage of the land is unfortunately vulnerable to soil erosion and desertification. Regional departments of agriculture have been cooperating with several international organizations in order to help counter these issues. During a USAID- sponsored campaign, citizens planted 1.2 million trees in Eastern Afghanistan which are vital for improving environmental conditions. Forests provide multiple benefits such as, soil and air quality, and acting as windbreakers to protect crops. More trees would ultimately lead to more fertile and high quality land which will help to provide safe alternatives to poppy production.

Koh e Baba

The mountain rangelands where cultivatable land is extremely limited has suffered degradation and rules for harvesting, irrigating and accessing water in the high altitude regions are complex. The UN Environmental Programme advocated for its conservation as a result.