Ambassador Fatimie attends National Day reception of Republic of Serbia

February 15, 2013: Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie attended a reception held in honor of the National Day of the Republic of Serbia. Ambassador Fatimie took the opportunity to wish H.E. Ambassador Bojana Adamović Dragović sincerest congratulations on behalf of the people and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Ambassador Fatimie also expressed sincerest gratitude on the Republic’s role within Afghanistan’s expansion of peace and in its development.

Ambassador Fatimie had the opportunity to meet with such key guests as Hon. Representative Ichiro Aisawa, Their Excellencies the Ambassadors of a number of nations, Mr. Dan Harada of Nagatacho (pictured above), and President Masato Saito of Aoba Trading Co., Ltd.

To Hon. Representative Aisawa, who serves as the President of the Serbia-Japan Parliamentarian Friendship League, Ambassador Fatimie extended heart-felt appreciation, on behalf of his people and Government, for the selfless and life-bettering support that has been provided by Japan, and particularly for the friendship and cooperation of the noble Diet of Japan. Hon. Representative Aisawa thanked the Ambassador for the kind sentiments and mentioned that as He has been to Afghanistan already more than 2 times, he would be honored to make another visit.

Ambassador was pleased to have the opportunity to greet long-time friend of the Embassy, Mr. Harada. The two were able to enjoy a cordial conversation on a number of matters of mutual interest.