Courtesy Call on the Executive Vice President for Education of the Tokyo Institute of Technology.


February 6, 2019: It was a pleasure for H.E. Ambassador Dr. Bashir Mohabbat to make a courtesy call on the Hon. Dr. Tetsuya Mizumoto, Executive Vice President for Education, at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Meguro. Also in attendance was Mr. Asif Agah, Second Secretary for the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tokyo, and Ms. Naoko Sekine, Head of International Cooperation Development at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.


At the onset, H.E. Dr. Mohabbat thanked Hon. Dr. Mizumoto for receiving them and making time in his schedule to meet and expressed his hopes to develop good relations between the university and the embassy. In return, Hon. Dr. Mizumoto sincerely thanked H.E. Dr. Mohabbat for arranging to meet with him as well as for his kind words. On behalf of the people and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, H.E. Dr. Mohabbat extended gratitude for the long support and assistance of the people and Government of the noble nation of Japan over the years particularly in the realm of education and human capacity development. These efforts have helped to bring Afghanistan to its current progress & achievements and holds a place of appreciation and honor in the heart of Afghans.

Most importantly, H.E. Dr. Mohabbat requested Hon. Dr. Mizumoto and Ms. Sekine to consider the possibility of establishing a partnership between Kabul University and Tokyo Institute of Technology in order that the two institutions may collaborate on research that would be very advantageous towards the continuance of progress. Additionally, H.E. Dr. Mohabbat asked them to consider creating a scholarship opportunities program for Afghan students, at their institution in order that they may receive the cutting edge top ranking education, promote further enhancement of Human Capacity Development, as well as build stronger bilateral relationships between Japan and Afghanistan. Hon. Dr. Mizumoto and Ms. Seine Hon. agreed that human capacity development would be an essential building block in helping Afghanistan to secure a prosperous and peaceful future such that they would endeavor to do their best in meeting H.E. Dr. Mohabbat’s request in the name of Afghan scholars looking to study at their institution. All those present discussed further ways in which to help bring scholarship and collaboration opportunities to fruition.