H.E. Ambassador Dr Fatimie Presents Letters of Appreciation to Imam Alas and Mr. Atalay


Friday 23, 2015: The passing of the late Mr. Enayat Nabard Yazdani caused a great deal of sadness for family and the broader society as he was a well respected figure in the community. It was with a high degree of graciousness that Imam Muhammed Rashit Alas and Mr. Bilal Atalay from the Tokyo Camii organized and facilitated a funeral for Mr. Yazdani based on Islamic practices. Mr. Yazdani's wife and family as well as the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan felt immense appreciation for the tenderhearted approach of Imam Alas, Mr. Atalay and all the mosque's staff in coordinating a fitting farewell for a life honorably lived. His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Fatimie presented letters of appreciation to Imam Alas and Mr. Atalay and once again expressed His deep gratitude for the altruistic efforts made. Imam Alas responded saying that it was His pleasure and that He will continue to do all He can for the community.