Ambassador Fatimie celebrates Singapore’s National Day

September 5, 2013: Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie attended an event organized in honor of the Republic of Singapore’s National Day at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie, who has the honor of serving as non-Resident Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to the Republic of Singapore, expressed H.E. Ambassador Chin Siat Yoon, on behalf of the people and Government, sincerest congratulations. The two exchanged other pleasantries.

Additionally, Ambassador Dr. Fatimie was fortunate enough to meet from the noble Government of Japan Hon. Councillor Aiko Shimajiri; Hon. Representative Hirotaka Ishihara; Mr. Isao Iijima, Special Advisor to H.E. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe; Director-General Shigeo Matsutomi of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Intelligence and Analysis Service; and Director Akihiko Uchikawa of the Ministry’s Economic Security Division. To these key persons, the Ambassador expressed Afghanistan’s unwavering gratitude for Japan’s selfless, life-bettering cooperation. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie further was able to greet Dr. Sayuri Shirai of the Bank of Japan’s Policy Board and Chancellor Yoshio Hatano of the Gakushuin School Corporation.