Ambassador Fatimie welcomes Youth Ambassador and UNITAR Hiroshima Office Officer

June 12, 2013: Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie and the staff of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tokyo welcomed warmly at the Embassy the head of the United Nations Institute of Training and Research's (UNITAR's) Hiroshima Office, Mr. Brandon Turner, and the winners of UNITAR's Youth Ambassadors programme, Yanakawa Yuuki and Murai Sae.

In meeting with the guests, Ambassador Dr. Fatimie conveyed his greetings and his deepest gratitude to UNITAR for their efforts and their indispensable role in the process of development and of spreading peace in Afghanistan. He also renewed his appreciation for the UNITAR fellowship programme in Afghanistan.

Jason Pratt, Public Relation Officer, then made a presentation underlining the significant improvements accomplished in Afghanistan and a positive perspective for Youth empowerment in the process of development and economic sustainability. The Ambassador and the diplomatic staff also invited the guests to a lunch reception with various kinds of Afghan dishes.