Ambassador, Ambassadress Fatimie attends National Day reception of United Arab Emirates

December 2, 2013: Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie and the Ambassadress attended the National Day reception of the United Arab Emirates at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.

Ambassador Dr. Fatimie had the opportunity to speak with H.E. Ambassador Saeed Ali Yousef al-Nowais and to present, on behalf of the people and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, sincerest congratulations on the auspicious occasion. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie also offered renewed and deepest gratitude for the support that is extended by the United Arab Emirates to peace and development in Afghanistan.

Ambassador Dr. Fatimie was also able to meet with long time friend Hon. Dr. Kazuyuki Hamada (pictured below); Hon. Representative Toru Shiraishi; Director General Makio Miyagawa of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau; and Director Kohei Okara of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; to all of these key gentlemen, the Ambassador spoke of the unwavering gratitude within Afghanistan for the Japanese cooperation that has resulted in better lives, greater peace, and ever-more visible development. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie also met with a number of Their Excellencies the Ambassadors of the missions in Tokyo; Mr. Hideo Tani, President of Myjet; and Mr. Takuya Kishi and Mr. Makoto Kawai of the Four Seasons Hotel, among other esteemed guests.