Ambassador Fatimie welcomes back Dr. Nakamura, Ms. Fujita of Peshawar-kai

August 7, 2013: Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie warmly welcomed back to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tokyo from Peshawar-kai Dr. Tetsu Nakamura and Ms. Chiyoko Fujita, Director of Peace Medical Services’ station hospital in Peshawar. From the Embassy Mr. Mohammad Yasir Karimi, Second Secretary, also attended the meeting.

Ambassador Dr. Fatimie has shared a strong bond with Dr. Nakamura, having known him from well before becoming Ambassador. The two share links as medical doctors and as people dedicated to improving the lives of Afghan people.

Ambassador Dr. Fatimie offered anew, on behalf of the Government and people of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, deepest gratitude for Dr. Nakamura’s effect-generating work in regional humanitarian activities. Furthermore, the Ambassador commended Ms. Fujita for her steadfast dedication to those served at the station hospital.

Dr. Nakamura briefed the Ambassador on the latest activities of Peshawar-kai and made assurances that he will remain dedicated.