Ambassador Fatimie meets with President Matsunami of Nippon Sport Science University, Mrs. Matsunami, guests

July 31, 2013: Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie offered cordialist renewed welcome to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Mr. Kenshiro Matsunami, President of the Educational Foundation of Nippon Sport Science University Group, and his esteemed wife. The Matsunamis were accompanied by Ms. Junko Yamamoto, Manager of the Events and Entertainment Business Division of the the Sankei Shinbun newspaper. From the Embassy, Mr. Mohammad Yasir Karimi, Second Secretary; and Mr. Jason Pratt, Public Affairs Officer; were also in attendance.

Ambassador Dr. Sayed M. Amin Fatimie was again honoured to meet with the Matsunamis, close friends. Together, they were able to reconnect on matters of mutual interest and spoke at length regarding potential further cultural collaboration in the future. The Ambassador was also invited to make a speech later in the year for the Afghan friendship network that the Matsunamis steer.