Date Article Title
Sep 30, 2004"Three Dots" Wins Best Award
Sep 30, 2004Iran Plans to Increase Industrial Exports to Afghanistan
Sep 29, 2004H.E. President Karzai inaugurates national museum
Sep 29, 2004Kabul University female students' dormitory inaugurated
Sep 29, 2004Voter preparation proceeding well
Sep 29, 2004IOM busy with voter education campaign
Sep 28, 2004New law on anti-terrorist financing introduced
Sep 28, 2004US unveils $1 billion deal for construction
Sep 28, 2004Thousands of soldiers disarmed
Sep 26, 2004Final push in 2004 drive to combat polio in Afghanistan
Sep 26, 2004National Army flourishes
Sep 24, 2004U.S. says poppy crop up 40 percent from 200
Sep 24, 2004Asian Development Bank to help attract investment
Sep 23, 2004H.E. President Karzai meets King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah
Sep 23, 2004Government burns narcotics
Sep 23, 2004Bush, Musharraf assure Karzai Elections will be a success
Sep 22, 2004At UN GA Afghanistan seeks support for democracy
Sep 22, 2004India assures further assistance to Afghanistan
Sep 22, 2004Disarmament accelerated as elections approach
Sep 21, 2004Attempt on Afghan VP fails
Sep 21, 2004Japan to send election monitoring mission to Afghanistan
Sep 20, 2004Afghanistan takes first steps towards capital market launch
Sep 20, 2004Afghanistan-Pakistan: UNHCR closes two iris verification centers
Sep 20, 2004Karzai in New York to attend UN GA and hold bilateral and multilateral talks
Sep 18, 2004Disarmament starts in Herat
Sep 17, 2004Afghan president escapes assassination bid
Sep 17, 2004Afghan refugees to vote en masse in landmark presidential election
Sep 16, 2004Afghans need food aid amid poor harvest
Sep 15, 2004India donates indelible pens for Afghan election
Sep 14, 2004Afghan religious leaders benefit from child rights awareness
Sep 13, 2004President Karzai back from ECO Summit
Sep 13, 2004New Governor takes charge in Herat
Sep 12, 2004Afghan girl returns home after successful bullet-removing operation
Sep 09, 2004Half a million kids go back to school in Afghanistan
Sep 09, 2004UN helps to improve literacy
Sep 08, 2004Afghanistan reinforced before polls
Sep 07, 20045,000 wheelchairs for disabled Afghans
Sep 07, 2004UN to help overhaul criminal justice system
Sep 07, 2004Registered parties to observe elections
Sep 07, 2004Official campaign opens in Afghan presidential poll
Sep 06, 2004Pakistan and Afghanistan to Review Trade Issues
Sep 06, 2004Afghan task force to target drugs
Sep 03, 2004Afghan warriors trade in their Kalashnikovs for computers
Sep 03, 2004Afghan refugees in Pakistan get chance to vote in polls
Sep 02, 2004Foreign Minister Abdullah in India to discuss $400 million aid package
Sep 02, 2004UN, Afghan Government appeal for aid to combat drought
Sep 01, 2004Afghanistans talk radio station reaches 2.8 million listeners
Sep 01, 2004ADB to provide Afghanistan $600 million aid in 2004-2006
Sep 01, 2004Afghan capital declared free of heavy weapons in time for elections