Date Article Title
May 31, 2006Afghanistan urges Muslim nations to give more aid
May 31, 2006Parliament to remain in session till conclusion of pre-budget meeting
May 28, 2006Afghan President thanks Iran for support
May 28, 2006Afghanistan opens doors to Iranian tradesmen, investors
May 28, 2006Karzai welcomes Iran-Afghanistan-Pakistan ministerial meeting
May 24, 2006Karzai invites UAE investors to join Afghan pipeline deal
May 24, 2006Etisalat plans to invest Dh1.1b in Afghanistan
May 23, 2006Iran, Afghanistan discuss expansion of mutual ties
May 23, 2006Traditional fur trade revives
May 23, 2006Pakistan, Afghanistan to launch bus service on May 26
May 23, 2006Afghanistan wants 'nuclear weapons free' Asia
May 18, 2006Afghanistan officers visiting Singapore to learn anti-drug strategies
May 17, 2006UN helps returnees integrate into Afghan schools
May 17, 2006Afghanistan razes 27,000 acres of poppies
May 16, 2006Afghanistan launches plan for 'lost generation'
May 15, 2006Int'l Taibad-Herat fiber optic project becomes operational
May 15, 2006Government to start $5m fisheries projects
May 15, 2006Afghanistan gets new national anthem
May 14, 2006Afghanistan allocates US$85 MLN for road construction
May 13, 2006Afghan government to substitute poppy with legal crops
May 12, 2006New Delhi renews interest in trans-afghan pipeline project
May 12, 2006Afghan minister hails power transmission line
May 09, 2006Kabul to host mini-World Cup
May 09, 2006Afghanistan battles high infant, maternal mortality rates, among world's worst
May 09, 2006Holland to continue support rebuilding of Afghanistan
May 08, 2006Kabul International Exhibition begins
May 08, 2006Afghan terms for energy corridor
May 08, 2006New scheme to control smuggling of chemicals used to produce heroin
May 08, 2006Come to Afghanistan and make money, Karzai urges
May 08, 2006Afghan women start businesses, help reconstruct a torn nation
May 08, 2006World Bank to assist Afghanistan
May 07, 2006Major anti-polio campaign begins on Afghan-Pakistan border
May 07, 2006Air Arabia now flies to Afghanistan
May 06, 2006$80m to be invested in petroleum, other sectors
May 06, 2006Lithuania sounds out Japan on cooperation for rebuilding Afghanistan
May 04, 2006Karzai leaves for Azerbaijan to attend ECO meeting
May 02, 2006Floods kill 16 in the north
May 02, 2006Jobs, housing, water are priorities for Afghan returnees - UN-backed survey
May 02, 2006Karzai to attend ECO conference in Azerbaijan
May 02, 2006Afghan President swears in new Cabinet
May 02, 2006Bush calls Afghan leader for talks on security
May 01, 2006Afghan women get down to business
May 01, 20062 million children to be reached in Afghan polio immunization drive
May 01, 2006Finally approved!!!