Date Article Title
Apr 30, 2006Private university to be launched in Balkh
Apr 30, 2006President announces formation of JCMB
Apr 29, 2006Karzai urges students to work hard
Apr 28, 2006NATO commits to Afghan expansion
Apr 27, 2006New Afghan FM says improved ties with Pakistan is top priority
Apr 25, 2006First ever ICT conference launched in Kabul
Apr 25, 2006Flood aid delivered to Samangan province
Apr 24, 2006Mines kill or injure 100 monthly in Afghanistan
Apr 24, 2006Avian Influenza H5N1 confirmed in four provinces of Afghanistan
Apr 23, 2006Britain pledges to continue its reconstruction mission
Apr 23, 2006Afghan security makes world safer: Britain
Apr 21, 2006Afghanistan holds trade & investment conference in Kunduz
Apr 21, 2006Karzai hails parliament's trust vote
Apr 21, 2006Afghanistan-Pak-US joint military exercises
Apr 21, 2006Japan to extend support in Afghanistan
Apr 20, 2006Three-day seminar on forest protection starts in Afghanistan
Apr 20, 2006Afghanistan childbirth is a 'tragedy'
Apr 20, 2006Analysis: New Afghan Foreign Minister steps out of obscurity
Apr 18, 2006Former gunmen surrender arms, return to civilian life
Apr 18, 2006Poppy Eradication Drive Launched In Herat Province
Apr 16, 2006Afghanistan to host regional health conference
Apr 16, 2006Ariana boss aims to give the Afghan carrier back its wings
Apr 13, 2006Female teachers training to start next Sunday
Apr 13, 2006Beethoven Orchestra to record new Afghan national anthem
Apr 12, 2006IOM assists return of Afghan professionals from neighbouring countries
Apr 12, 2006Deadly H5N1 bird flu confirmed in third Afghan province
Apr 12, 2006Karzai invites Indian IT firms to Afghanistan
Apr 12, 2006Afghanistan to adopt rural development initiatives of India
Apr 11, 2006Afghanistan assures security of Indians
Apr 10, 2006Karzai signs accords with India
Apr 10, 2006Afghanistan to get Saarc membership at haka meet
Apr 10, 2006Afghanistan to boost cement output amid Pakistani export ban
Apr 10, 2006India announces additional 50 million dollars aid to Afghanistan
Apr 10, 2006India, Afghanistan pledge to fight terrorism
Apr 09, 2006Afghanistan to hold maiden ICT conference
Apr 09, 2006Top Afghan mobile network wants to build more than just profits
Apr 09, 2006Afghan president, French first lady open hospital
Apr 09, 2006Cherie Blair visits Afghanistan
Apr 09, 2006Afghan president Karzai arrives in India
Apr 08, 2006Indo-Afghan trade can touch $700 million by 2010
Apr 06, 2006New cell-phone company to launch service soon
Apr 06, 2006Afghan warriors now battle unemployment
Apr 06, 2006Amu Darya River needs management to prevent erosion - ministry
Apr 06, 2006US donates US$5 million worth of soybeans to Afghanistan
Apr 05, 2006Interview: Afghan president Karzai talks to RFE/RL
Apr 05, 2006Female farmers rebuilding orchards
Apr 05, 2006Afghanistan's first open heart operation gives Elaha new life
Apr 05, 2006Australia, Netherlands to share embassy in Kabul
Apr 04, 2006Refugee returns approach 10,000 this year
Apr 04, 2006Government to build 2,000 schools this year
Apr 04, 2006AISA branch inaugurated in Nangarhar
Apr 03, 2006Mines still kill or maim 100 people a month in Afghanistan
Apr 03, 2006AIB launches Internet banking facility
Apr 03, 2006Afghanistan to be cleared of mine within 7 years
Apr 03, 2006Afghan Parliament starts debates on proposed cabinet
Apr 03, 2006Afghanistan eyes membership of European security group
Apr 02, 2006Second round of anti-polio campaign begins
Apr 02, 2006Afghanistan's per capita income likely to rise, says central bank
Apr 02, 2006Afghanistan coach confident about sport's future
Apr 01, 2006Parliament approves structure of new cabinet