Date Article Title
Mar 30, 2006Afghanistan Struggles to Rebuild Tourism Industry
Mar 30, 2006China hands over completed hospital building to Afghanistan
Mar 29, 2006High school reopens in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province
Mar 25, 2006Film revisits destruction of Bamiyan Buddhas
Mar 25, 2006Afghan vocalist helps orphans, singers
Mar 23, 2006Karzai seeks greater cooperation against terrorism
Mar 23, 2006100 tones drug seized in Afghanistan last year: Gen. Dawood
Mar 21, 2006A focus on positives in Afghanistan
Mar 21, 2006Employment centre opens in Afghanistan's Herat province
Mar 21, 2006Ancient Afghan relics smuggled into UK
Mar 20, 2006Investor to open furniture factory in Afghanistan
Mar 20, 2006Afghanistan pursues strategic partnership with U.S., say Afghan FM
Mar 20, 2006Afghan police demolish 40 heroin labs
Mar 20, 2006Afghanistan to start bird flu cull on Wednesday
Mar 18, 2006Iran, Afghanistan officials review anti-drug program
Mar 16, 2006Deadly H5N1 bird flu confirmed in Afghanistan
Mar 15, 2006Big Afghan oil, gas reserves identified
Mar 15, 2006UN assistance mission to continue for a further year
Mar 14, 2006Malaysia announces more financial aid for Afghanistan
Mar 14, 2006Afghan president thanks Canada for 'giving the lives of your sons'
Mar 13, 2006$85m to be allocated for roads construction
Mar 13, 2006U.S. to hand over Afghan mission to NATO
Mar 12, 2006Afghanistan announces team for U-15 cricket tournament
Mar 12, 2006US envoy inaugurates road construction project
Mar 10, 2006Afghanistan: Archeologist hunts for third Bamiyan buddha
Mar 09, 2006Construction work begins on key bridge in Herat
Mar 09, 2006US pledges aid for training Afghan police
Mar 09, 2006Canada-led PRT to fund $1m projects in Kandahar
Mar 09, 2006Iran hosts 9th Tripartite Commission meeting on joint program for repatriation of Afghan refugees
Mar 09, 2006International Women's Day: Report on the status of Afghan women
Mar 08, 2006Women on buses to get new deal under UN-backed plan
Mar 08, 2006First class graduates from midwife training academy in Afghanistan
Mar 08, 2006Response to Indian scholarship offer to Afghans "revolutionary"