Date Article Title
Feb 28, 2005Over 200 Afghan children killed by cold: health minister
Feb 27, 2005Afghan army increases to 20,000 troops
Feb 26, 2005India to set up telemedicine centers across Afghanistan
Feb 26, 2005Afghanistan wants transit route through Pakistan
Feb 25, 2005H.E. President Hamid Karzai's Speech at the India Today Conclave
Feb 25, 2005Afghanistan keen to join seven-nation South Asian grouping
Feb 24, 2005Afghanistan faces disastrous floods from melting snow: WFP
Feb 23, 2005Northern Afghanistan offers official driving lessons for women
Feb 23, 2005Almost 500 dead in bitter Afghan winter
Feb 23, 2005Kabul Appoints three new governors
Feb 23, 2005Afghans say assembly would have to approve U.S. bases
Feb 23, 2005H.E President Karzai arrives in India
Feb 22, 2005Preparations for new parliament
Feb 22, 2005Women dying to give birth in Afghanistan
Feb 22, 2005Gas pipeline proposal finalized
Feb 21, 2005Human development report says Afghanistan holds promise and peril
Feb 21, 2005First ever national human development report launched
Feb 21, 2005UN says Afghanistan fifth from last in poverty league
Feb 21, 2005H.E. President Karzai plans to export gas to India, Pakistan
Feb 20, 2005Afghanistan to raise its own Air Force by next year
Feb 19, 2005Karzai appeals for foreign investment in 'secure' Afghanistan
Feb 19, 2005Speech by H. E. President Hamid Karzai at the Jeddah Economic Forum
Feb 17, 2005Another 1 million Afghan refugees are likely to return home by 2006
Feb 17, 2005Thousands choose army after abolition of poppy cultivation
Feb 17, 200580% of disarmament process completed
Feb 17, 2005Cold spell kills at least 260
Feb 17, 2005Sarhad Chamber of Commerce & Industry to hold Afghan trade fair
Feb 17, 2005Landmine problem tackled with some success
Feb 17, 2005Britain doubles funding to battle drugs in Afghanistan
Feb 16, 2005Afghan minister of defense requests weapons for future
Feb 16, 2005Parties differ on electoral system
Feb 15, 2005Efforts to improve access to justice in rural areas
Feb 15, 2005Iran wants railway line to Pakistan through Afghanistan
Feb 14, 2005Afghan militia disarmament program is completed in Jalalabad
Feb 14, 2005Afghanistan to debut at South Asian judo at Indore
Feb 13, 2005Afghanistan missions to merge
Feb 13, 2005H.E. President Karzai considers appointing woman as provincial governor
Feb 13, 2005Afghanistan says militia commanders may be forced to disarm
Feb 12, 2005Preferential trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan proposed
Feb 12, 2005Turkey takes over ISAF command
Feb 11, 2005Afghan poll date depends on creating voting districts, UN says
Feb 10, 2005Statement by Secretary General on ISAF expansion
Feb 10, 2005Focus on local efforts to reduce opium cultivation
Feb 10, 2005Up to 100 dead as cold weather grips the country
Feb 10, 2005New tests for civil servants
Feb 10, 2005Government to take over mine clearance
Feb 09, 2005Home Essentials Opens Office in Kabul
Feb 09, 2005Czech anti-drug project starts in Afghanistan
Feb 09, 2005Census of Afghans in Pakistan to begin on February 23
Feb 08, 2005Afghan archaeologist seeks sleeping Buddha
Feb 06, 2005National Military Academy Afghanistan Welcomes First Cadets
Feb 05, 2005Polio down by 45% in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan
Feb 05, 2005Kabul seeks withdrawal of cess on ATT goods
Feb 05, 2005Troops find Afghan plane crash site, no survivors
Feb 04, 2005Japan Foundation donates Japanese television series to RTA
Feb 04, 2005Boosting Afghanistan's Low Literacy Rate
Feb 04, 2005Plane with 104 on board missing
Feb 03, 2005Five Finance Ministry zones computerized
Feb 03, 2005Kabul Museum reopens with Nuristan art
Feb 03, 2005First Iranian bank opened in Kabul
Feb 03, 2005Afghan disarmament program to be completed within months
Feb 03, 2005Nearly 20,000 mines destroyed in Afghanistan
Feb 03, 2005Cold, disease kills 38 Afghans
Feb 02, 2005ADB pledges $200m to help Afghan farmers
Feb 02, 2005Afghanistan launches poppy eradication force
Feb 02, 2005Afghanistan wants no link between aid and drug war
Feb 01, 2005Iran to hold 1st trade exhibition in Afghanistan
Feb 01, 2005Higher education to be revamped says Minister
Feb 01, 2005ADB assistance to Afghanistan hits 500 million dollars in 2004
Feb 01, 2005Afghanistan national army reaches 19,000 members