Date Article Title
Dec 25, 2004President swears in new reformist cabinet
Dec 24, 2004Kyoto aid group helping farmers revive agriculture in Afghanistan
Dec 23, 2004Decree By the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Press Release
Dec 22, 2004Interview with head of independent human rights body
Dec 22, 2004Japan to extend up to $3.3 million for Afghanistan's job training
Dec 20, 2004New program to facilitate women's employment
Dec 20, 2004Street children provide the main source of income for some Afghan families
Dec 20, 2004Government to introduce a highway-toll to generate income to build new roads
Dec 19, 2004Afghan president says observing law priority in forming cabinet
Dec 18, 2004ADB approves $US 10 million grant to improve agriculture in Afghanistan
Dec 18, 2004Restarting sugar production in Afghanistan
Dec 18, 2004Afghanistan dehydrated vegetables bound for European soup pots
Dec 17, 2004Reconstruction of Salma dam begins with Indian aid
Dec 17, 2004Pakistan seizes 1.83 tonnes of morphine, weapons
Dec 16, 2004Militia disarmament reaches landmark in north
Dec 16, 2004Police seize 15 tons of opium
Dec 16, 2004Half of Afghan kid troops demobilized
Dec 16, 2004ADB approves $US 80 million loan to Afghanistan
Dec 15, 2004AFGHANISTAN: Interview with Japanese envoy Sadako Ogata
Dec 14, 2004Women enter business world
Dec 14, 2004Legal teams begin training for special courts in counter-narcotics drive
Dec 13, 2004German airline begins direct flights to Kabul
Dec 12, 2004Afghan officials pledge to turn tide on opium production
Dec 09, 2004President seeks to rein in senior officials
Dec 08, 2004UN agencies implement HIV/AIDS program for Afghan refugees
Dec 08, 2004Japan Donates $1million worth of equipment to Kandahar police
Dec 07, 2004Nationwide census due before parliamentary poll
Dec 07, 2004Karzai sworn in as Afghanistan president
Dec 06, 2004Afghan political parties prepare for parliamentary elections
Dec 06, 2004ILO to tackle unemployment
Dec 06, 2004Kabul seeks IMF support for economy
Dec 05, 2004Half of Afghan militias disarmed: UN program
Dec 05, 2004Afghanistan seeks world support to fight drugs
Dec 04, 2004Iran to set up Aryan bank in Afghanistan
Dec 04, 2004Idols chopped up by Taliban back at Kabul Museum
Dec 04, 2004H.E. President Hamid Karzai orders anti-drug summit
Dec 02, 2004People living with disabilities call for integration
Dec 02, 2004Landmine removal key to development: UNDP
Dec 02, 2004Japan to send Aisawa to Afghan presidential inauguration
Dec 02, 2004Carpet Industry Looks to Renewal