Date Article Title
Nov 28, 2008Asian Development Bank Backs TAP Pipeline
Nov 27, 2008Soccer Helps Afghan Girls Reclaim Some Freedom
Nov 26, 2008MoPH establishes STOP TB Partnership in Afghanistan
Nov 25, 2008Afghanistan Win ACC U-17 Cup
Nov 25, 2008Polio Eradication Campaign Launched in 15 Provinces
Nov 25, 2008ADB Gives Afghanistan $30 million to Rebuild Agriculture
Nov 22, 2008Denmark to Double Contributions to Afghanistan
Nov 22, 2008Afghanistan Markets its Brand of Pomegranates
Nov 21, 2008Japan, Canada Agree to Step Up Cooperation on Afghanistan
Nov 21, 200815 UN diplomats to visit Afghanistan
Nov 20, 2008Regional Refugee Conference Held in Kabul
Nov 19, 2008Saffron Exports Boom, Ministry Says
Nov 19, 2008Afghan Team Beats Rivals from 47 Countries to Win Top Place
Nov 17, 2008Five Provinces to Get Internet Access
Nov 16, 2008MCIT Signs to Begin Second Phase of Copper Cable Extension
Nov 16, 2008UAE Fund to Finance Infrastructure Projects in Afghanistan
Nov 14, 2008Green Energy Helps to Move Afghanistan Forward
Nov 12, 2008Afghanistan Technical and Vocational Institute (ATVI) Recieves $3 Million Grant
Nov 10, 2008Germany Pledges Aid to Avert Winter 'Crisis'
Nov 10, 2008Foreign Minister Spanta Calls for Foreign Aid to be Doubled
Nov 10, 2008Afghan Activist Wins Taiwan Foundation's Human Rights Award
Nov 10, 2008Afghan Writer Wins Top French Literary Prize
Nov 09, 200819 Development Projects in Nangarhar and Balkh Provinces
Nov 08, 2008New Bamiyan Buddha Find Amid Destruction
Nov 08, 2008Canada Buys Wheat Seeds to Give Afghan Farmers
Nov 07, 2008World Food Programme (WFP) Receives $12 Million to Feed School Children in Afghanistan
Nov 07, 2008President Karzai Opens Kabul Air Terminal Built with Japanese Assistance
Nov 06, 2008India to Build Afghanistan’s Parliament Complex
Nov 05, 2008President Karzai Congratulates Barack Obama on his Victory in the US Presidential Elections
Nov 04, 2008President Karzai Pledges Aid to Pakistani Quake Victims
Nov 04, 2008Kabul’s Main Roads to be Rebuilt
Nov 03, 2008Minister of Energy Ismail Khan Promises 24-hour Electricity
Nov 02, 2008First rice factor in Kunduz opens