Date Article Title
Nov 30, 2004Children left "orphan" by poverty
Nov 29, 2004Afghan airlines to resume flights to France
Nov 29, 2004Multi-aim complex in Afghanistan
Nov 29, 2004New Afghan cabinet expected after H.E. President Hamid Karzai sworn in
Nov 29, 2004First Afghan open in 30 years tees off
Nov 28, 2004ANBP passes major disarmament milestone, more than half of AMF soldiers disarmed
Nov 28, 2004Afghanistan seeks billion dollars for landmine program
Nov 28, 2004Iran exports $18 million worth of medicines to Afghanistan
Nov 27, 2004Banana export to Afghanistan
Nov 26, 2004Public health awareness campaign launched
Nov 26, 2004Night school opens in Herat
Nov 26, 2004The man who saved Afghan treasures
Nov 26, 2004Iran to complete repatriation of Afghan refugees in 2006
Nov 26, 2004Revival of Afghan theater puts women center stage
Nov 25, 2004New multi-donor program to strengthen district administrations
Nov 24, 2004ADB approves loan to repair seven airports
Nov 24, 2004Agha khan to build $20 million school in Kabul
Nov 24, 2004ADB approves $30 million soft loan
Nov 23, 2004Iranian bridge could bring new hope to troubled south
Nov 23, 2004Renewed hope for Afghan pipeline
Nov 23, 2004Dostum gives Up 45 Tanks, ammunition cache
Nov 23, 2004H.E. President Hamid Karzai hails three UN workers release
Nov 23, 2004U.N. Hostages in Afghanistan Freed
Nov 23, 2004Most illicit heavy weapons rounded up
Nov 20, 2004Afghanistan's snow leopard under threat from big game hunters
Nov 18, 2004UN calls for global help in Afghanistan's battle against rising opium production
Nov 17, 2004U.S. May Increase Afghanistan Spending
Nov 16, 2004New local women's radio to fight gender violence and illiteracy
Nov 12, 2004International Monetary Fund Second Quarterly Review
Nov 12, 2004Russia begins to hand over Afghan border control to Tajik guards
Nov 12, 2004NATO Chief affirms expansion of security force in west of country
Nov 11, 2004One third former combatants disarmed
Nov 11, 2004Russia to continue comprehensive aid
Nov 11, 2004H.E. President Hamid Karzai's cabinet to be based on national partnership
Nov 08, 20042,000 former underage soldiers to go through demobilization and reintegration
Nov 07, 2004UN says half of Afghan police force formed
Nov 06, 2004Musharraf in Kabul
Nov 05, 2004President says no future for warlords or drug barons
Nov 05, 2004Karzai vows to end rule of the gun
Nov 05, 2004Afghanistan academy graduates 93 new recruiters
Nov 05, 2004UN agencies team up to help Afghanistan trade on the international market
Nov 05, 2004Asian Development Bank to help Afghanistan in irrigation
Nov 04, 2004US firm to set up facility for Afghan cargo
Nov 04, 2004H.E. President Karzai proclaimed Afghanistan's first elected president
Nov 03, 2004India sanctions Rs 351 cr for dam construction in Afghanistan
Nov 03, 2004Sweden to offer more aid for Afghanistan reconstruction
Nov 02, 2004Government warns poppy farmers
Nov 01, 2004Government destroys 4,000 hectares of poppy fields
Nov 01, 2004H.E. President Karzai pledges to form narcotics ministry