Date Article Title
Oct 31, 2006Afghan art restorers learn new techniques in Italy
Oct 31, 2006Japan OKs extension of Afghan mission
Oct 29, 2006Afghan dissident leader expresses readiness for conditional talks with gov't
Oct 27, 2006Karzai phones Musharraf, discusses proposed tribal jirga
Oct 26, 2006Japan extends Afghanistan naval support mission
Oct 24, 2006Various uplift projects launched in Ghazni
Oct 20, 2006Afghanistan, U.N. appeal for drought aid
Oct 19, 2006Joint project seeks to revitalize Kabul's art community
Oct 19, 2006World Bank vows long-term support for Afghanistan
Oct 19, 2006Afghan refugees to be repatriated within 3 years
Oct 17, 2006Soccer brings a smile to Afghan faces
Oct 17, 2006Karzai reviews progress on developmental projects
Oct 15, 2006Kabul's Khak-i-Jabar district gets first-ever girls' school
Oct 15, 2006"Accelerated Learning" attracts Afghan women
Oct 15, 2006Russia eager to renovate Salang tunnel
Oct 15, 2006Afghan FM accuses Pakistan of playing down Taliban 'terrorism'
Oct 14, 2006France to be first to see Afghanistan's rediscovered ancient treasures
Oct 13, 2006Private equity fund CDC enters Afghanistan
Oct 12, 2006Health experts see risk of major polio resurgence
Oct 12, 2006Oil, gas reserves in Afghanistan 10 times more than predicted
Oct 11, 2006WFP opens largest-ever storehouse in Kabul
Oct 11, 2006Afghan FM visits Turkey
Oct 11, 2006Healthcare facilities improve in Afghanistan
Oct 10, 2006USAID to provide small loans to thousands of farmers
Oct 10, 2006Minister performs ground-breaking of hospital in Balkh
Oct 09, 2006Afghan bottling plant wins contract to supply water to Coalition troops
Oct 08, 2006Minister for action against substandard clinics
Oct 08, 2006Ministry announces raise in salaries of govt employees
Oct 06, 2006Jirgas and the Taleban - Hamid Karzai interview
Oct 04, 2006Parliament debates 'Durand Line'
Oct 03, 2006Afghan delegation participate in KIOGE
Oct 03, 2006Over eight tons of saffron distributed to farmers
Oct 03, 2006Princess Anne meets British troops in Afghanistan
Oct 03, 2006NATO takes command of foreign forces in Afghanistan
Oct 03, 2006Iran, Afghanistan sign agreement on census
Oct 03, 2006Afghan art restorers trained in Italy
Oct 03, 2006Four one-issue magazines starts distribution
Oct 02, 2006MIGA guarantees support economic development and reconstruction in Afghanistan
Oct 02, 2006Salvaging fragments of the giant Buddhas
Oct 02, 2006Telecoms brand of the year award for Roshan
Oct 02, 2006US pledges $22 mln to boost literacy in Afghanistan
Oct 02, 2006Vulnerable Afghans cast off crutches of dependency
Oct 01, 2006Iran to stretch ironstone exploration into Afghanistan