Date Article Title
Oct 31, 2004H.E. President Karzai names drugs fight as his top priority
Oct 29, 2004H.E. President Karzai condemns abduction of international workers in Afghanistan
Oct 29, 2004UNESCO and Italy sign pact to handle heritage emergencies
Oct 29, 2004Volume of Afghan transit trade goods to Kabul grows rapidly
Oct 28, 2004NATO-Russia Council holds seminar on Afghan narcotics
Oct 28, 2004Afghanistan looks for direct trade with Bangladesh
Oct 28, 2004Afghan presidential polls result to be announced early November
Oct 28, 2004Afghan vote count finally ends with H.E. President Karzai a landslide winner
Oct 28, 2004Investment group seeks construction of 'New Kabul'
Oct 28, 2004Ancient relics discovered near Kabul
Oct 28, 2004Weapons collection ends in Kabul
Oct 28, 2004Afghanistan set to regain "land bridge" role for Asia: US
Oct 25, 2004UNHCR: Over 1.8 million Afghan refuges in Iran have returned home
Oct 24, 2004Japan to provide grant assistance under GAGP scheme
Oct 23, 2004180 wells being constructed in eastern provinces
Oct 22, 2004Testing time for new textbooks
Oct 22, 2004Strong showing by women voters
Oct 21, 2004Launch of first Business Advice Center in Afghanistan
Oct 21, 2004World bank paves roads in Kabul
Oct 21, 2004Turkmenistan pledges cooperation with NATO on Afghanistan
Oct 20, 2004Militia commanders to receive cash in return for arms
Oct 20, 2004Tokyo to send medical experts to Kabul
Oct 20, 2004Most complaints on Afghan elections concerned voter-marking ink, UN says
Oct 20, 2004NATO agrees to Afghan mission leadership to 2007
Oct 19, 2004Interview with Mr Mirwais Yasini, head of the Counter Narcotics Directorate (CND)
Oct 19, 2004U.S. to help establish Afghan Air Force
Oct 19, 2004Minister of Planning says law on NGOs operating inside Afghanistan has been drafted
Oct 19, 2004Exide to power Afghanistan with its wind, solar energy
Oct 18, 2004Government working to improve key customs services
Oct 18, 2004Japan to implement 24 development projects
Oct 15, 2004Vote counting begins
Oct 14, 2004Committee reports on complaints from candidates
Oct 14, 2004Italian president hails presidential elections
Oct 14, 2004India hails Afghan elections
Oct 13, 2004India to help Afghanistan build parliament house
Oct 12, 2004Election Day survey updated preliminary findings
Oct 12, 2004Experts gather for UN meeting to tackle flow of heroin from Afghanistan
Oct 12, 2004IOM update
Oct 11, 2004Country heads for vote count
Oct 11, 2004Czech government to donate ammunition
Oct 10, 2004Observers say calls to rerun election unjustified
Oct 09, 2004Polls open in Afghanistan
Oct 08, 2004RM190mil equipment for military
Oct 07, 2004Canada pledges 2.4 million dollars for election
Oct 06, 2004Afghan midwives aim to reduce maternal and child mortality
Oct 06, 2004Curbing the drugs trade
Oct 06, 2004Statement by Jean Arnault, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan on the 9 October presidential election
Oct 05, 2004UNICEF survey says one in six Afghan children die under five
Oct 04, 2004Facts and figures for upcoming election
Oct 04, 2004Disarmament continues in Kandahar
Oct 04, 2004Germany promises more help
Oct 02, 2004Stronger turnout expected at Afghan voter registration in Pakistan
Oct 01, 2004NATO reinforces its security forces
Oct 01, 2004European Commission Update