Date Article Title
Jan 31, 2005H.E. President Karzai secures extension for refugees in Iran
Jan 31, 2005Balkh site historical relics shifted to Kabul for further research
Jan 31, 2005H.E. President Karzai praises Iraqi election
Jan 30, 2005Afghanistan's Election Commission says it will try to hold elections on schedule
Jan 30, 2005Afghan government wants direct control of aid money
Jan 29, 2005Afghan transit goods to India
Jan 28, 200515 commerce ministers to attend Expo 2005
Jan 28, 2005Newly renovated Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital
Jan 28, 2005IMF says Afghanistan making economic progress warns on opium
Jan 28, 2005H.E. President Karzai urges Iraqis to vote, hopes Afghans will follow 'very soon'
Jan 28, 2005H.E. President Karzai presses for early parliamentary vote amid talk of delay
Jan 27, 2005Helmand army corps disarmed and dismantled
Jan 27, 2005Afghan girls secure second position in Asian women's competition
Jan 27, 2005World Bank increases support for public administration
Jan 27, 2005Chinese company to rebuild Afghan power station
Jan 27, 2005Bush frees defense aid for Afghanistan
Jan 26, 2005Kabul women jumpstart the economy
Jan 26, 2005High Commissioner for Human Rights to visit Afghanistan in support of national initiative on transitional justice
Jan 26, 2005Whooping cough outbreak kills at least 28 children
Jan 26, 2005Interview with counter-narcotics minister
Jan 26, 2005NATO to boost forces for Afghan polls
Jan 26, 2005H.E. President Karzai makes maiden presidential visit to Iran
Jan 26, 2005Afghanistan And Iran Agree To Open Border
Jan 25, 2005New curriculum ready for publication
Jan 25, 2005Pilot education program applies leapfrog technology to improve the health of rural Afghan women
Jan 25, 2005Saudi Arabia donates US$ 1.2 million of food to assist Afghanistan
Jan 25, 2005Iranian, Afghan Presidents to inaugurate power project
Jan 25, 2005Canada commits $3 million to Ministry of Finance Budgetary Reform
Jan 24, 2005New appeals court heads appointed in several Afghan provinces
Jan 24, 2005Some farmers trade poppy for wheat
Jan 24, 2005Afghan girl winner of WFP 2004 painting competition
Jan 24, 2005Afghan president urges Iraqis to vote
Jan 24, 2005Doctors airlifted to help sick children
Jan 24, 2005Greece to send military medical unit to Afghanistan
Jan 24, 2005Efforts to bury Afghan Jew in Israel
Jan 22, 2005Afghan students from different universities on their first visit to Germany
Jan 21, 2005Afghans imprisoned in Iran granted amnesty
Jan 21, 2005Reception marks 50th anniversary of China-Afghanistan ties
Jan 21, 2005Afghanistan reestablishes diplomatic relations with Argentina
Jan 21, 2005Anti-drug Minister Vows Action But Says Farmers Need Aid, Alternative Incomes
Jan 20, 2005Population estimate of Afghanistan almost finished
Jan 20, 2005Winter takes toll on refugees living in Kabul
Jan 20, 2005China to take "active" part in reconstruction of Afghanistan
Jan 19, 2005Progress on weapons cantonment in Afghanistan
Jan 19, 2005H.E. President Karzai appoints Afghan electoral commission
Jan 19, 2005ADB to develop solar energy for Afghanistan
Jan 18, 2005Women's radio extends coverage
Jan 18, 2005Afghan woman gives birth to quintuplets in her first delivery
Jan 18, 2005One in four Afghan children die before fifth birthday
Jan 17, 2005Turkmenistan unveils plans for trans-Afghan gas pipeline project
Jan 17, 2005Lubbers warns against speeding up refugee returns to Afghanistan
Jan 17, 2005Afghanistan sends humanitarian aid to tsunami-hit Indonesia
Jan 17, 2005Afghan Minister Discusses Way Ahead for Women
Jan 16, 2005Afghan police force reaches 53,000
Jan 16, 2005Afghanistan's media renaissance
Jan 15, 2005Afghan volunteers bring first aid skills to their communities
Jan 15, 2005Pakistani government will formulate Afghan repatriation policy
Jan 15, 2005Women of Kabul take the wheel
Jan 14, 2005A new anthem for Afghanistan
Jan 14, 2005Preparations for Afghan census in final stages
Jan 14, 2005Afghanistan - Ramadan 2004 food basket distribution
Jan 12, 2005Thirty-five boxes of precious artifacts dating back to the Greco-Bactrian era unearthed
Jan 10, 2005Afghanistan to carry out its first census of the disabled
Jan 09, 2005Afghans prepare doctors, dried fruit to help tsunami survivors
Jan 06, 2005More ambulances to serve residents of Kabul and the suburbs
Jan 02, 2005Afghan government supports regional security partnership
Jan 01, 2005Iran and Afghanistan sign three cooperation documents