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Female entrepreneur having success in IT

Entrepreneur and CEO Roya Mahboob at 25 years-old tech established in 2010 an IT firm, Afghan Citadel Services, in Herat with classmates from the local university. The quickly growing group employs 20 software programmers, the majority women, and firm develops computer software for a number of institutions in Afghanistan, including ministries, educational institutions, and international organizations. Projects have included a patient-management system for hospitals and a student-registration system.

From a dream of creating employment opportunities for recent graduates of higher education, particularly female graduates, and US$20,000, the company has in total completed or is completing projects amounting to roughly US$500,000. It is also expanding, having now opened an office in Kabul and elsewhere. The company has also partnered with other groups recently, such as Film Annex, to increase Internet access at schools, allowing for international exchanges online.