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Development continuing to provide encouragement

84 welfare projects are underway in Saripol province. The projects include constructing three clinics, social centers, an irrigation water dam, wells, a canal, creating water supplies, and opening 11 schools. Some 13,000 families in such areas as the Sozma, Kal, and Sayad districts will benefit. In Quish Tapa alone, 5,000 families will now be given access to electricity through the projects.

A 5-meter bridge was inaugurated in the Adersekan district of Herat province early this month, providing a useful lifeline to outside areas for more than 100 local residents.

Two 10-meter bridges were opened in the Doulena district of Ghoor province.

An irrigation dam vast impact in Pul-e-Khomri, Baghlan province has been opened for operations.