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Development progresses, largest solar energy plant planned

Following the push to create responsible new energy sources, the nation’s largest solar energy plant will be built in Bamiyan with the assistance of New Zealand. The plant will create 1.05 megawatts of energy, providing power for up to 2,500 homes, businesses, and government buildings. (Source: Good News Afghanistan)

In Ghazni city, a power project has been in functional development for some time with good success. Work for extending the project in Ghazni city and to adjoining areas began earlier this month. In addition to this, with Ghazni to be the culture capital of Islamic world in 2013, reconstruction of five historical monuments in the city have as of this point been completed, with 10 more projects almost finished, and another 13 projects underway, with all to be finished in time for 2013.

Taking personal action in the nation’s development, H.E. President Hamid Karzai met with some deputies and government officials in charge of reconstruction in Samangan to discuss various issues. One topic discussed was the construction of a road leading towards the Dara Souf mine, facilitated by the Ministry of Public Works, which will benefit both the mining sector and the local people.