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H.E. President Karzai, H.E. Foreign Minister Rassoul take part in Organization of Islamic Cooperation Summit, related meetings

The fourth extraordinary summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was held in Makkah Al-Mukarramah August 14-15 at the initiative of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia.

In H.E. President Hamid Karzai’s address to the attending dignitaries, He highlighted the negative image Islam has unfairly been given due to the actions of those who do not properly represent the religion: “it is unjust to degrade a great religion and civilization and to ignore the way of life of over one and half billion peace-loving Muslims because of the actions committed by just a handful of terrorists. This will not only hurt the feelings of the entire Muslims, but would further fuel the fire that terrorists have flamed to spread hostility and strike fear and terror.” H.E. the President continued by rallying his compatriots to work towards overcoming this scourge and rectifying the image: “In this context, mainly, it is in no doubt the responsibility and duty of the Muslim countries and of the OIC to work to promote the true image of Islam and to disseminate its humanitarian message.”

H.E. Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul represented Afghanistan at a preparatory meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the OIC. The meeting focused on promoting solidarity within the Muslim Ummah in preparation and discussed the ongoing situation in Syria, Mali, Palestine and the persecution of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar. H.E. Dr. Rassoul voiced Afghanistan’s approval of the respective resolutions on the situation in the four countries and the draft of a final communiqué for the summit meeting.

H.E. Foreign Minister Rassoul also took the opportunity to express gratitude for the positively impactful support the OIC members have provided in Afghanistan, stating, “For the last 10 years, Afghanistan supported by the international community and our brothers and sisters in OIC, has come a long way. We have made significant progress in our achievements to create opportunities for the wellbeing of the Afghan people.” Furthermore, to see even greater results, H.E. urged all OIC member countries to provide practical support to the Afghan peace process.