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Kabul’s development continues

Kabul, the capital and largest city, has long served as an example and measure of Afghanistan’s development. The city continues to modernize and build, with new offices, hospitals, residences, and public toilets; reopened parks and cultural spaces; and a road system being renovated, complete with new buses donated by Japan. Kabul is also becoming greener with 650,000 trees planted in the past nine months; this time next year, there will be one million.

Mayor Muhammad Yunus Nawandish has expressed a number of goals for further development, including installing solar-powered street lights and the building of more new parks, roads, drainage canals, bus stops, bridges, sports centers, and more.

In addition to this work, progress continues on the new Kabul Metropolitan project, that will, in addition to improving further on Kabul, develop the nearby Dehsabz area.