Afghanistan Wins Silver Medal for Exports in Delhi

DUBAI, December 4 (Quqnoos)

Afghanistan’s industrial and agricultural products won the silver medal at an international trade fair held in Delhi.

Thirty-five countries, including Turkey, India and Pakistan were represented at the fair.

Head of Afghanistan’s Export Development Department, Said Sulaiman Fatimi, said: “We are proud that we won the prize among those countries which are richer and more developed than us. We congratulate the country’s all traders and exporters for winning this prize. This will have a positive impact on Afghanistan’s exports.”

The Export Development Department also unveiled a new carpet design centre in Kabul on Wednesday.

The head of the new center Mr. Khadija, said: “With the establishment of this center, we want to develop the carpet industry - an import product of Afghanistan - and also help those Afghan women who are interested to learn this skill. We hope to solve the problems of carpet-weavers.”

Head of the carpet production and export association of Kabul, Muhammad Hadi Farzam, said: “We had really many problems before, and we always used the old designs. We can use the new designs after the establishment of this center and can expand the carpet industry.”

The export development department says they are planning to establish another carpet center in Kunduz province too.