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MPs Raise Minimum Wage for Civil Servants

KABUL, May 13 (www.quqnoos.com): Members of Parliament in the Lower House have agreed to raise the minimum wage for low ranking civil servants by Afg700 per month.

Monday’s decision to raise the minimum salary from Afg4,300 to Afg5,000 was welcomed by school teachers as they will immediately benefit from the rise. The government has said it will implement the raise for other employees in four years time.

Teachers, who have gone on strike in many parts of the country in protest at low wages, have been given a bigger pay rise than many civil servants, with a minimum starting salary of Afg6,200, which will rise to Afg8,000 in four years.

The highest monthly salary for a teacher has risen to Afg22,000.

Yesterday, MPs also called on the government to give food coupons to civil servants on top of their salaries.

MP Abdul Rab Rasul Sayaf said that if wages rised and the government failed to hand out coupons, the cost of food would increase in line with the pay raises.

The government employs about 300,000 people and the majority of these are teachers.