People provided medical help in Herat

Kabul, January 30, 2008 (PAN): A joint medic team from International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Afghan National Army provided 1300 people with health treatments in the western Herat province, ISAF representative said.

Dr. Vincenzo Giacobbe, an ISAF physician said on Wednesday the medical aids were provided to 40% women and remaining male and children in the province. He said four Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) teams in the western zone were equally serving the locals.

Dr Amir Ahmad Ansari policy and planning advisor of the Public Health Ministry present on the occasion appreciated the assistance by ANA and ISAF. Since could wave begin to threaten Afghanistan, the public health Ministry ordered its personnel to be on alert, he added.

While turning down the exaggerated death toll from frigid weather in the country by media, he said thus far there was no exact figure of the people who died of the cold weather in the country.

Today's ceremony was opened by remarks from Cmdr. (Dr.) Wiebke Franck, ISAF Deputy Medical Advisor, who said he was pleased to speak about joint efforts of Public Health Ministry, ANA and ISAF for development of the Afghan Medical Service.