Afghanistan sets up panels for women's rights

Kabul, January 6, 2007 (Xinhua): The Afghanistan Ministry for Women Affairs has constituted two new organisations to protect women's rights, a local newspaper reported Sunday.

The two new sets-up 'Healthy Family, Happy Society' and 'Law and Women' are aimed at eliminating violence against women and establish a healthy and prosperous society, Afghanistan Times quoted Minister for Women Affairs Hosn Bano Ghazanfar as saying.

The 'Healthy Family, Happy Society' will involve religious leaders in various provinces to sensitise people on women rights.

The 'Law and Women', to be managed by legal experts, will launch campaigns by publishing posters that will disseminate knowledge about the rights of women envisaged in the country's constitution and guaranteed by Islam.

The Taliban regime did not recognise rights of women and encouraged them to remain confined to their homes. It also closed down schools for girls. The six-year Taliban rule was toppled in 2001.

Women's rights situation has improved in post-Taliban Afghanistan and women have more freedom, and they serve as ministers, parliamentarians and teachers.

Nevertheless, a vast majority of them in the war-ravaged country are still illiterate, poor and uninformed and have still to go a long way to realise their rightful place in the society.