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Kabul beautification plan announced

Kabul, December 17, 2007 (Pajhwok Afghan News): City Municipality on Monday announced its master plan for the beautification of Kabul.

According to which all residential houses situated on mountains would be removed and plants would be grown on them to increase the scenic beauty of the central metropolis.

Briefing journalists about the new development plan, deputy mayor, Abdul Hassan Abdullahi said the plan will be completed in eight months.

Without stating the budget for implementing the new plan, Adullahi added, if implemented the new master plan will provide water supply, electricity to each house, pave all city roads solving all transportation problems.

He described removal of the residential houses from hill sides a great challenge in executing the plan in Kabul city, where he said, 60% of the population live in amorphous structures and houses and 20 to 25% of them on steep slopes and mountains.

"We are trying to accommodate those who live on mountain tops on plane land" he added.

They had contacted a number of NGOs for cooperation in enforcing the plan, he explained, there were great pieces of lands in premises of Kabul city that can be distributed among locals.

When contacted a number of residents of the hillsides expressed readiness for cooperation with the government initiation.

Muhammad Qasim one of the residents said he did not have water on the hillside and was buying a barrel of water by 50 afghanis which was difficult to afford at all times.