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Weapon caches recovered in E Afghanistan

Kabul, December 16, 2007 (Xinhua): Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), assisted by the U.S.-led coalition forces, have recovered two weapons caches during routine security patrols in eastern Afghan province Nangarhar, a statement issued by the coalition forces said here on Sunday.

The ANSF executed the missions on Dec. 14 after receiving credible information of possible ammunition caches in their area, the statement said.

"The ANSF located and searched the suspected area where they found and recovered approximately 70 85-mm recoilless rifle rounds" in Ragham village of Rodat district, the statement said.

In another development, the coalition forces confiscated several rocket-propelled grenades, 82-mm mortar rounds, and 85-mm recoilless rifle rounds in Desarak village of Achin district, it added.

Afghan citizens will receive compensation for their efforts through the Small Rewards Program when they facilitate the recovery and turn-in of armament caches, said the statement.

"Afghan citizens have taken an active role in improving the security and stability within their villages by facilitating the recovery of munitions caches," said Chris Belcher, the coalition spokesman.