81 political parties registered in Afghanistan

Kabul, January 26, 2006 (Xinhuanet) - With the collapse of hardliner Taliban regime in Afghanistan, the mushroom growth of free media and political parties got momentum as over 80 political groups have come into being in the post-conflict country, a local newspaper said Thursday.

So far, 81 political groups and parties with different manifesto have been formed and registered with the Justice Ministry, daily Cheragh reported quoting Abdul Ghias Alyasi, an official of the Ministry. Islamic principals or western democracy had inspired the manifestation of majority of these groups.

However, Alyasi added that the Justice Ministry had refused to register those parties linked with armed groups or those owning private militias.

Since the collapse of Taliban fundamentalist regime in late 2001, around 100 political outfits and over 270 newspapers, magazines and four private televisions have been established in the nation. The former radical regime, besides banning television and closing down girls' schools, also outlawed political forces during its six-year reign in the country.