Afghanistan : Government to present five-year development plan at London conference

KABUL, 23 January (IRIN) - The Afghan government will present a five-year development plan to its international supporters at a key conference in London at the end of this month, officials at the Afghan foreign ministry confirmed on Monday in the capital, Kabul.

Known as the Interim National Development Strategy (INDS), the plan focuses on security, governance and the rule of law, human rights, sustainable economic and social development, and counter narcotics.

The INDS was approved at an extraordinary cabinet meeting on Saturday, according to the foreign ministry. "The government of Afghanistan will present the INDS plan to the

delegates of participating countries and international economical and financial institutions for endorsement," Navid Ahmad Moez, a spokesman for the foreign ministry, said. "We expect the international community to support and endorse the INDS,

and commit itself politically and financially in the long-term process of reconstruction and stabilisation of Afghanistan," Moez noted.

The plan is due to be signed by Kabul and the international community at the conference scheduled to take place on 31 January and 1 February in London.