Afghanistan Exports 9,600 Tons of Dry Fruit, Cereals

Kandahar City, January 23, 2006 - The Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce (AICC) Sunday said a total of 9,600 tons of dry fruit, cereals and herbs had been exported to Pakistan and India last month.

The chief of the Kandahar branch of the AICC Faridullah Habib said they had earned US$15 million from the exports. He said dry fruit included raisin, apricots, almonds, pistachio, peas and mulberries.

He added: "Traders have to face a number of problems in exporting produce in the past, which have now been removed." The government had talked to the official concerned who had remitted the toll tax for three years.

Haji Fida Mohammad, resident of the Arghandab district, who had come to

register his shipment of raisin with the AICC, stated that they were faced with problems in exporting their produce in the past. "Now the AICC has searched a place for our goods in the international market. Our produce is being sold like hot cakes and we earn a reasonable income now."

But another dealer, Haji Shah Wali, said recent attacks had bitterly affected their businesses. He said they always remained fearful as well as searched by security officials at a number of points.