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Latest Development Projects Enrich Lives

Early this month in Baghlan province, a well providing irrigation to a network of more than 63,000 meters and a water reservoir were made in Doshi district. Also, in Nawabad Khwaja Hejran village of Jelga district in the same province, a 4,000-meter canal was constructed.

The two projects are said to have brought benefit for some 500 families.

A fully-equipped veterinarian facility has been built and is now operating in Nangarhar province as of January 5th. The facility will work to help cattle and other animals.

A new center, equipped with a laboratory, devoted to measuring and ensuring fruit quality has opened in Balkh province with the support of the European Union. Tolo News quotes the Balkh Agriculture Department as stating that “the province is able to produce 480 kinds of fruits.”

In related news, the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock plans to build eight community cold storage facilities in six provinces, including Balkh, over the next 23 months.