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Afghanistan reelected as Vice-chairman of International Council of IPDC

April 4, 2008: The 26th session of the Intergovernmental Council of the International Program for the Development of Communication officially started its work under the chairmanship of Zahir Aziz, the Ambassador and Permanent Delegate of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to UNESCO and ISESCO, on March 26th, 2008 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

With the support of the representatives of the Asian and Pacific Group and the United States of America at the council, Afghanistan was unanimously elected as Vice-chairman of the Intergovernmental Council of IPDC.

The 26th session of the Council also elected the representative of Switzerland as chairman of the council for two years.

The Intergovernmental Council of IPDC is composed of 39 member states of UNESCO, elected by the General Conference of UNESCO for four years.

The IPDC is the only multilateral forum in the UN system designed to mobilize the international community to discuss and promote media development in developing countries.

The program not only provides support for media projects, but also seeks an accord to secure a healthy environment for the growth of free and pluralistic media in developing countries.

Over the years, following the decision and guidelines of the Intergovernmental Council and its bureau, IPDC focused its projects on the most urgent priorities in communication development. The efforts of the IPDC have had an important impact on a broad range of fields covering, among others, the promotion of media independence and pluralism, development of community media, radio, and television organizations, modernization of national and regional news agencies, and training of median professionals.