Afghan forces deliver supplies to orphans in Kandahar

Bagram Air Base, January 4, 2008 (Govt. of USA): Afghan national security forces and coalition forces delivered more than a ton of food, clothes and toys to the nearly 380 children of Shahid Ali Ahad Khan Karzi Orphanage and school in Afghanistan's Kandahar province, Dec. 30.

The children, ranging in age from 6 to 13, received clothes and shoes to help them endure the harsh Afghan winter, as well as new toys, soccer balls and school supplies.

Afghan soldiers also provided rice, beans and cooking oil to the orphanage staff. The orphanage's principal said the supplies came at the right time, as the storage room was empty.

In addition to the toys, food and supplies, the children also received free medical care from Afghan security forces and coalition doctors and medics. With winter weather settling in, some of the children were treated for minor ailments, such as ear infections and other flu-like symptoms. The children also learned good hygiene habits to keep them healthy.

"This was an excellent opportunity to show the children that we are concerned for their well-being," an Afghan soldier can.

"I am very pleased with the help that you brought for the children," the orphanage principal said. "God bless your kindness."