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Hospitals, community welfare projects inaugurated

Kabul, December 15, 2007 (Pajhwok Afghan News): Four hospitals were inaugurated in the northern Balkh province and as many community welfare projects were completed in Logar, officials said on Saturday.

Balkh Health Director Dr. Mirwais Rabi told Pajhwok Afghan News a 58-bed health facility was constructed near the Mazar-i-Sharif Civil Hospital. The project, financially supported by the Dutch Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), cost $2 millions.

Inaugurated elsewhere in the province was a $130,000 health centre, built with the support of the South Korean government, the director said, adding the Dutch government would construct in Balkh a 600-bed hospital at the cost of $14 millions during the next two years.

A plastic surgery centre was constructed with the help of a French organisation named MRCA in Tafahasat area. The facility accounted for $150,000.

Public Health Minister Dr. Syed Muhammad Amin Fatimi opened a private hospital costing which cost about $600,000 in the Khalid bin Walid town near Mazar-i-Sharif.

Also on Saturday, three community welfare schemes worth nine million afghanis were completed in the central Logar province. National Solidarity Programme (NSP) head Eng. Abdul Rahman said the projects included 24 water pumps, a 1460-metre supportive wall and supply of 40 kilowatts of electricity.

Meanwhile, a residential scheme for families of martyrs and disabled people was executed in the capital Kabul. $4 millions funds for the housing project were provided by the Red Crescent Society (RCS) of the United Arab Emirates.

Having 200 flats, the township was constructed by the Syed Bilal Sadat Construction Company over 40,000 square metres of land in Qasba-i-Karigari area. Each house has three living rooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen.

In Charikar capital of central Parwan, more than 2,000 returning refugees received $100,000 relief goods from a Dutch organisation named ADRA. Director Refugee Affairs Eng. Asmatullah said the returnees to Jabal-us-Siraj, Syedkhel, Salang and Bagram districts were given blankets, plastic sheets and coal.