General Information

All visitors to Afghanistan must posses a valid passport, an Afghan visa and an international health certificate.

The basic tourist visa entitles a traveler to 15 days stay in Afghanistan. It is recommended that a one-month visa be obtained prior to traveling to Afghanistan. Visas may be obtained at any Afghan Consulate or Embassy around the world.

Tourists are requested to fill in a registration form at the hotel in which they are staying.

All visitors to Afghanistan must have certified smallpox, cholera and typhoid vaccinations.

There is no customs duty on personal effects. However, check with the Ministry of Finance for prohibited and controlled exports and imports.

AIRLINES: Ariana Afghan Airlines is the country’s national carrier and flies to many of the major cities in Asia and Europe. For information on domestic flights, check with Ariana overseas and local offices or see

TAXIS: Fares are reasonable and shall be negotiated with the driver; however, taxis are not recommended outside major cities or for travel off paved roads.

Although conventional categories cannot be assigned to hotels outside Kabul, the larger cities generally offer acceptable lodging. Kabul has hotels ranging from the upscale Inter-Continental to various good first class and second class hotels to inexpensive, but low standard lodging located throughout the city.

Major hotels such as the Inter-Continental, as well as numerous internet cafes around Kabul, offer internet connection.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones, inter-changeable SIM Cards and calling cards can be purchased all over Kabul. Afghan Wireless and Suraya vendors can be spotted throughout the city.

International dishes are readily available in many of Kabul’s modern restaurants, but Afghanistan is essentially known for its variety of palaws (rice cooked with meat, chicken, or vegetables in various ways), which are found throughout the country. Afghan Kabob (charbroiled skewered meat), Bolani and Ashak (Afghan-style ravioli stuffed with leeks topped with yogurt and cooked ground beef) are a few of the many tasty dishes. Chai Khanas (tea houses) are found throughout Afghanistan and serve traditional Afghan food and tea at reasonable prices.

Handicrafts and Shopping
Afghanistan offers the visitor a rich selection of handicrafts such as luxurious Afghan carpets, karakul coats, Afghan postin and potincha (fur overcoats and jackets). Embroidered material, caps, and waist-coats, hand-woven silk fabrics and antiques are some of the items that tempt the traveler to buy. Exportation of antiques requires authorization from appropriate authorities. Purchase of artifacts belonging to the Kabul museum or heritage of Afghanistan is punishable by law and will be confiscated.

Exchange facilities are provided by numerous banks in Kabul and branches around the country and also at the Kabul Airport, hotels and some shops. Some banks include: Da Afghanistan Bank, Bank-e-Melli, and Pashtani Tejarati Bank.