Accompanying Deputy Mayor of Kabul Dr. Tajik to Visit Vice Governor of Tokyo Mr. Hasegawa.


June 27, 2019: It was a pleasure for H.E. Ambassador Dr. Bashir Mohabbat to of accompany Dr. Sadruddin Tajik, Deputy Mayor of Kabul Municipality, to pay a visit to Mr. Akira Hasegawa, Vice Governor of Tokyo at his office within the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

Vice Governor Mr. Hasegawa warmly welcomed Dr. Tajik and H.E. Ambassador Dr. Mohabbat thanking them for asking to meet with him. On behalf of the people and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Tajik and H.E. Dr. Mohabbat gave thanks to the people and Government Japan, especially those of the capital Tokyo, for their steadfast and benevolent support over the years as Afghanistan has striven for progress prosperity, and peace in an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led process. Vice Governor Mr. Hasegawa thanked Dr. Tajik and H.E. Dr. Mohabbat for their kind words and assured them that Tokyo would continue to support Afghanistan well into the future.

Further, as Tokyo and Afghanistan have shared similar pasts, with Tokyo emerging victoriously and advancing from destruction economically strengthened following war, Dr. Tajik and H.E. Dr. Mohabbat remarked how much of an example it could serve to Kabul and how much inspiration they could derive from its lessons. Therefore, Dr. Tajik stated that Afghanistan and her capital city Kabul very much looked forward to further assistance and involvement from Vice Governor Hasegawa and Hon. Governor Koike in the future. Vice Governor Mr. Hasegawa expressed his sincere hopes to see to it that Tokyo would help Kabul to develop as it has into the future. Vice Governor Mr. Hasegawa also wished Dr. Tajik a pleasant and fruitful trip in Japan. The gentlemen further discussed topics of pertinent and mutual interest.