H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie's Activities

Appointments with The Imperial Family of Japan

Imperial Family 2017 January 1, 2017: Attendance at New Year's Greetings at Imperial Palace
HIM Emperor 2016 December 23, 2016: Attendance at the Reception of His Majesty the Emperor
FuneralArea November 4, 2016: Attendance at Funeral for Prince Mikasa.
Prince Mikasa October 28, 2016: Condolence Book Signing for H.I.H Takahito, Prince Mikasa.
June 8, 2016: Welcoming T.I.M. Emperor and Empress at the Hidden Treasures Exhibition in Tokyo
June 7, 2016: Welcoming H.I.H. Princess Akiko at the Hidden Treasures Exhibition in Tokyo
May 18, 2016: Attendance at Special Tanner Lecture at Ochanomizu University
December 27, 2010: H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie Presents His Credentials to His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Japan

Diplomatic Appointments

IMG_8711 March 17, 2017: Last Day Receiving Guests Participating in the Minato-ku World Carnival Stamp Rally
IMG_8617 March 14, 2017: Meeting with Mr. Naoki Sakai of Asian Development Bank.
fukushima visit 2 March 11, 2017: Attendance at and Reflection on the Memorial Ceremony to Mark the Sixth Anniversary of the Great East Japan Quake.
IMG_6902 March 10, 2017: Attendance at the Tokyo Metropolitan Peace Day.
mohammed-fahim_5900 March 9, 2017: Hosting Memorial Luncheon and Prayer Gathering Honoring Marshall Fahim at Embassy.
Minshinto_Logo March 8, 2017: Attendance at "Cafe Democrats" Meeting Hosted by Democratic Party.
IMG_6887 March 8, 2017: Signing of Condolence Book at Embassy of the Republic of Haiti.
IMG_8373 March 7, 2017: Receiving Mr. Nemoto Naoyuki and Mr. Watanabe Takeshi from JICA.
IMG_6852 March 6, 2017: Attendance at the 60th Independence Anniversary of the Republic of Ghana.
IMG_8209 March 6, 2017: Luncheon Reception for the Graduating Masters and PhD Scholars of the PEACE and MEXT Programs.
IMG_6837 March 2, 2017: Receiving H.E. Mr. Amanullah Ghalib, Deputy Minister of Energy for Afghanistan’s MEW
日体大柏4 March 2, 2017: Attendance and Keynote Speech at Kashiwa Nittai High School Commencement Ceremony.
AFG-TON February 28, 2017: Signing of Condolence Book at Embassy of the Kingdom of Tonga.
IMG_7692 February 27, 2017: Meeting with Mr. John H. Seong, Senior Development Councilor of USAID.
FullSizeRender 23 February 26, 2017: Cosponsoring the 4th Afghan Kite Festival.
IMG_6759 February 23, 2017: Attendance at the 56th National Day and 26th Anniversary of the Liberation of the State of Kuwait.
IMG_7614 February 21, 2017: Meeting with Mr. Nakahara of JICA, Ms. Arai of CDIS, and Ms. Umeno of RIPA.
IMG_7577 February 17, 2017: Receiving Students Visiting From Kudan Middle School.
IMG_7464 February 14, 2017: Reception Honoring Courtesy Call by The Third Leadership Program for Women in PEACE Project and Afghan Policewomen Training in Japan.
Dr. Fatimie with Mainichi Shimbun January 7, 2017: H.E. Dr. Fatimie's Interview with the Mainichi Shimbun is Printed
IMG_6714 January 6, 2017: Visit by Haruta Primary School & Chikuma International Exchange Association
AFG-JPN December 26, 2016: Lunch Reception with H.E. Amb. & Madam Mr. Hiroshi Takahashi
AFG-JPN December 22, 2016: Attendance at the Birthday Reception of H.M. the Emperor Hosted by H.E. FM Kishida
AFG-DEU December 21, 2016: Condolence Book Signing at German Embassy
tgu logo December 20, 2016: Welcoming of Toyo Gakuen University visit to the Embassy
IMG_6452 December 19, 2016: Dinner with the honorable LDP Members
AFG-KAZ December 12, 2016: Attendance at the National Day Reception of the Republic of Kazakhstan
AFG-KEN December 12, 2016: Attendance at the National Day Reception of the Republic of Kenya
IMG_6400 December 7, 2016: Hosting luncheon for EU Ambassador H.E. Mr. Viorel Isticioaia-Budura & Madam.
AFG-UAE December 1, 2016: Attendance at the National Day Reception of the United Arab Emirates

Momentous Highlights

December 14, 2015: Welcome Reception for H.E. Ahmad Zia Massoud, the President's Extraordinary Representative
November 10, 2015: Press Conference about Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul Exhibition
August 29, 2015: H.E. Ambassador Hosts Dinner Reception for H.E. the First Lady

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