H.E. Ambassador Dr. Bashir Mohabbat's Activities

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Appointments with The Imperial Family of Japan

キャプチャ March 11, 2018: Attendance at Commemoration Ceremony of the 7th Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
seal-of-the-emperor January 12, 2018: Ceremony of the Utakai-Hajime for 2018 at the Imperial Palace.
seal-of-the-emperor January 1, 2018: Attendance at New Year Celebration at Invitation of H.M. the Emperor.
seal-of-the-emperor December 23, 2017: Conveying to H.M. the Emperor Heartfelt Birthday Congratulations.
IMG_2980 December 14, 2017: Attendance at Imperial Duck Netting Party.
seal-of-the-emperor December 12, 2017: Audience with Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress at the Imperial Palace.
IMG_2100 November 9, 2017: Attendance at Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress’ Garden Party at Imperial Gardens.
IMG_0962 October 3, 2017: Attendance at Japan through Diplomats' Eyes 2017 Reception
Ukai H.E. Akiyama August 2-3, 2017: The Mohabbats Attend the Cormorant-Fishing Party and City Tour in Gifu Prefecture
IMG_9938 July 19, 2017: H.E. Dr. Mohabbat Presents his Letter of Credence to His Majesty the Emperor of Japan

Diplomatic Appointments

IMG_5282 April 18, 2018: Luncheon Reception at the Embassy for Visiting Afghan Delegation.
AFG-IRN April 18, 2018: Attendance at the Reception of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Armed Forces Day.
IMG_5281 April 16, 2018: Attendance at the Reception of the Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe the Second at Embassy of Denmark.
IMG_5207 April 11, 2018: Meeting with Mr. Fumihiro Saito.
IMG_9512 April 11, 2018: Meeting with Deputy Chief of Mission, Minister Hara of the Embassy of Japan in Kabul at the Embassy in Tokyo.
IMG_9501 April 10, 2018: Courtesy Call by H.E. Mr. Tadamichi Yamamoto, of the UN.
IMG_5189 April 10, 2018: Attendance at Luncheon Hosted by H.E. Ambassador of Singapore.
IMG_5131 April 6, 2018: Attendance at “Tajikistan Culture Day Concert”
IMG_5098 April 6, 2018: H.E. State Minister Sato's Office
Slovenia Ambo April 4, 2018: Attendance at 'Lend Your Leg' Event.
Tashkent Conference April 3, 2018: Participation in Round Table on Outcomes of Tashkent Conference at JIIA.
HE Ambo of India April 3, 2018: Attendance at Hanami Reception at the Embassy of India.
IMG_9438 April 2, 2018: Meeting with Mr. Masataka Nakahara, Visiting Project Leader / Agricultural Policy Advisor for CDIS.
IMG_4921 March 29, 2018: Attendance at the Cherry Blossoms Reception Hosted by MAFF
IMG_0003 March 29, 2018: Meeting with Hon. Mr. Isao Iijima
IMG_9870 March 28, 2018: Meeting with Honorable Mr. Natsuo Yamaguchi
HE FM Kono March 27, 2018: Attendance at the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Ambassadors in the Middle East and Africa.
IMG_4850 March 26, 2018: Attendance at the Reception of 47th Anniversary of Independence and National Day of Bangladesh.
IMG_9153 March 25, 2018: Attendance at the 2018 Minato City World Carnival.
IMG_4752 March 24, 2018: Attendance at the “Nowruz 2018” Uzbekistan Concert.
1200px-Flag_of_Hokkaido_Prefecture.svg March 23, 2018: Attendance at the Reception of “Hokkaido-Nature, Culture and Cuisine” at the Iikura Guest House.
IMG_4704 March 23, 2018: Attendance at the General Meeting and Banquet On the Occasion of the 26th Anniversary of The Women’s Federation for World Peace Japan.
IMG_4657 March 22, 2018: Attendance at the Reception On the Occasion of Celebration on the 25th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Croatia and Japan and the 5th Anniversary of Croatia joining the European Union.
IMG_8828 March 22, 2018: UNITAR Hiroshima Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Training for Afghanistan and Iraq Luncheon.
IMG_4597 March 20, 2018: Meeting with H.E. Mr. Yoji Muto, State Minister of METI
IMG_4587 March 19, 2018: Attendance at the "Towards One Trillion Yen in Agricultural Exports" Briefing
IMG_4508 March 16, 2018: Attendance at Meeting Between Ambassadors of Arab & Islamic Countries with H.E. Secretary General of the Muslim World League.
IMG_8743 March 14, 2018: Courtesy Call by H.E. Ambassador of Iraq Mr. Khalil Almosawi.
IMG_4379 March 13, 2018: Attendance at Noh Performance hosted by FEC.
IMG_8603 March 13, 2018: Memorial Luncheon Honoring the Late Marshal Fahim.
キャプチャ March 11, 2018: Attendance at Commemoration Ceremony of the 7th Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
IMG_4305 March 10, 2018: Attendance at Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Peace Day Memorial Ceremony.
IMG_4271 March 8, 2018: Luncheon at the Ambassador’s Residence for Mr. Javid Faisal.
IMG_8511 March 7, 2018: Courtesy Call by His Excellency the Ambassador of Uzbekistan.
IMG_8213 March 6, 2018: Hosted Luncheon Reception in Honor of PEACE Project Scholarship Graduates.
IMG_4006 March 2, 2018: Attendance at Kosovo Reception for Independence day and Delegation Visit.
IMG_6930 February 28, 2018: Reception on the Occasion of H.E. Deputy Foreign Minister Andisha's Visit.
IMG_3947 February 27, 2018: Accompanying H.E. Deputy Minister Andisha to Visit H.E. Deputy Foreign Minster Sato.
AFG-IRQ February 24, 2018: Attendance at Dinner for H.E New Ambassador of Iraq.
Afghanistan-Kuwait February 22, 2018: Attendance at the 57th National Day and 27th Liberation of the State Anniversaries for Kuwait.
IMG_6542 February 21, 2018: Meeting with Hon. Mr. Habib Gulzar at the embassy.
IMG_6533 February 20, 2018: Japanese Tax System Export Meeting.
IMG_6338 February 18, 2018: Attendance at the 5th Afghan Kite Festival.
3665 February 14, 2018: Director-General Yoshimura, JETRO officials welcomed. One Village, One Product program discussed
AFG-DNK February 14, 2018: Dr. Mohabbat Visits Danish Embassy for Condolence Book Signing.
AFG-IRN February 9, 2018: Attendance at Reception on occasion of 39th Anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
IMG_3575 February 8, 2018: Courtesy Call on H.E. MEXT Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi.
IMG_5634 February 6, 2018: Courtesy Call by H.E. Acting Head Mashaalah Shakeri of the Iranian Embassy of Japan, at the Embassy.

Momentous Highlights

December 14, 2015: Welcome Reception for H.E. Ahmad Zia Massoud, the President's Extraordinary Representative
November 10, 2015: Press Conference about Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul Exhibition
August 29, 2015: H.E. Ambassador Hosts Dinner Reception for H.E. the First Lady

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