Visa Information

All foreign (non-Afghan) passport holders are required to have a properly issued visa in their possession, or have a Visa Upon Arrival properly prepared, prior to arrival in Afghanistan.

Hours of Application & Returning the Passport

[Application] 9:30 - 12:00 on Monday and Tuesday

[Returning] 14:00 -17:00 on Tuesday of the following week of application.

Application or collection of the passport besides this schedule will be acceptable only when having made an appointment in advance. Please contact Consular section of the Embassy between 9:30 to 16:30 of opening days.

For the latest visa schedule, please see the top page of this website(click for the link).

How to Apply

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Japan primarily handles visa applications for individuals residing in, and applying from Japan and the Philippines.

Please read this page through carefully, and prepare the required documents in the following sections, in order to submit them to the Consular section of the embassy. Failure to meet requirements may cause a delay in the process. For those who need assistance in preparing documents can call, or send scanned copies via email to the Consular section (see [Inquiry] section below this page) for pre-screening check, but it will not be recognized as an application until the documents are physically submitted.

Documents can be submitted via postal mail. See [Posting Rules] on the Counsular Service webpage.

Required documents for the Application

Application form (download below)

Recommendation Letter (download below, or similar template acceptable), and/or Introduction Letter


Must have validity longer than 6 months after the scheduled entry date, and 4 consecutive blank pages.

2 Photos (4.5cm x 3.5cm) 1 of them is to be attached to the Application form

Health Certificate

Due to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s pursuit to inhibit the spread of the Ebola virus into Afghanistan, all individuals desiring to obtain a passport to enter Afghanistan must now also submit a recent health certificate from a doctor which proves that they are free from the Ebola virus as part of their visa application.

Receipt of the Fee

Necessary AFTER completion of screening process by Consular section. Please read [Payment of the Fee] section below carefully.

In addition, the following may be required:

Letter of Attorney

(download below), when the applicant's travel agent is submitting the documents

Scheduled Itinerary

Accommodation location, visiting sites, and means of transportation are necessary. Reservation or final confirmation is not necessary until the post-screening process.

Additional Documents of Identification

(i.e. employment certificate) and/or travel (i.e. invitation letter), etc.

There may be a possibility of an interview in-person or by phone.

Click below for Visa Application Forms

Application Form
Recommendation(Tourist Purposes) Recommendation(Business/Work)
Letter of Attorney

The documents, applications and forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not think your computer has this software, please click the Adobe Acrobat Reader icon to download it.

Tourist (30 Days) JPY 9,600

*urgent issuance JPY 15,600

Single Entry (30 Days) JPY 12,000

*urgent issuance within 24 hrs. JPY 18,000

Business visa from 3 months to 3 years multiple

3month multiple 4800 yen

6month multiple 9600yen

1year multiple 19200yen

2years multiple 30000yen

3years multiple 36000yen

Extensions of business visa for one year, for each one month 1800yen.

Those businessmen who can not obtain the business visa from Embassy of Afghanistan in Japan due to time constraints can obtain the business visa On-arrival at Hamed Karzai Airport under the following:

ON-ARRIVAL BUSINESS VISA in Hamed Karzai Airport in Afghanistan is as below:

3month multiple business visa 40$ or equivalent to Afghani

6month multiple business visa 80$ or equivalent to Afghani

1year multiple business visa 160$ or equivalent to Afghani

2years multiple business visa 250$ or equivalent to Afghani

3years multiple business visa 300$ or equivalent to Afghani

Extensions of business visa for one year, for each one month 15$, the visa will extend by the Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan.

Required documents for the on arrival Business visa at Hamed Karzai Airport in Kabul Afghanistan as the below.

1. Notarized copy of Business Certificate, which has at least 6 month validity.

2. Notarized Bank statement with at least 100000$.

3. Completed visa form with photo.

4. Notarized Business Certificate which written the Company name.

5. Visa Payment.

6. Original Copy of the Business letter of the Company.

7. Police clearance Certificate.

Official / Diplomatic Free of Charge

*Duration of the stay of Single Entry can be extended at the offices of the Ministry of Interior.

Application for a Single Entry visa requires an invitation procedure in advance from the inviting party through the registered Ministries in Afghanistan. Please contact the Consular section of the Embassy of Afghanistan before applying for the visa, when this invitation is submitted, and submission number and date are given from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Upon Arrival Visa is now available at Hamid Karzai International Airport (Kabul) for all types of passport holders. To obtain this visa upon your arrival at the airport without any valid visa issued on your passport, your travel information must be submitted to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan by the applicant’s office/inviting party in Afghanistan, and be confirmed beforehand. This visa is not applicable for tourism purposes.

Media and Press

Regardless of the type of visa, all the media personnel are required to register at the Office of the Spokesperson, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan within 3 days of arrival, and obtain media personal identification while in Afghan territory. Please prepare the registration at the below linked page prior to arrival in Afghanistan:

Media Relations Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Chahar Rahee Malek-Asghar, Kabul

TEL: +93-20-2100371


Operating Hours: 9:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 16:00

(closed on Thursdays afternoons and Fridays.)

Payment of the Fee

Payment must be made in Japanese Yen (JPY) by using the inter-bank remittance system to the Embassy’s bank account. (effective as of September 30, 2015.) The Embassy does NOT accept payment in cash in any circumstances.

Fee payment is recommended to be done AFTER the confirmation by the Consular section of the Embassy of the successful submission of all the required documents, and the accurate fee amount for the applied service(s). Payment done without confirming with the Consular section, paying a greater amount than required, or when the application is unsuccessful, the difference will not be refunded regardless of the reason.

The Consular service fee does not include anything else, such as any bank charges related to the remittance, or returning shipment cost (see [Posting Rules]). Therefore the payer must be fully responsible for the Consular service fee and any other charges.

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Azabu Branch (branch# 570)

Saving 0224388

Embassy of Afghanistan in Tokyo Consular Section Ambassador Bashir Mohabbat

When the following options are available, especially the case of remittance from overseas (outside Japan), please select “Advise & Pay” and the part for Paying Bank Charges as “Applicant’s A/C.” If this part is selected as “Beneficiary’s A/C” the payment will NOT be accepted. Failure of payment will cause delay to the service(s) you applied for.


1. How long will it take until visa is issued?

The screening process is done one by one for each applicant thoroughly and carefully. Therefore, the time it would take will be different from applicant to applicant. The Consular section recommends application at least one month before the planned departure day.

2. Can I apply and/or receive the visa at a time other than in the official hours of application?

When the date is arranged with the Consular section in advance, yes this is possible. This case, however, does not mean the screening process will be faster.

3. Is there any alternative way to pay the fee, other than bank remittance?

No, there is not. The bank wire-transfer of US dollars is the only way.

4. Can the embassy introduce me to a travel agency in Afghanistan?

The embassy does not introduce private travel agencies or inviting parties for personal purposes.

5. I’m not Japanese/Filipino national; can I still apply my visa at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Japan?

The embassy recommends applicants to contact Afghan Missions to your country first. (List of Afghan Missions abroad). If your visa invitation through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan is designated to Tokyo, or you have residency in Japan/Philippines, contact the Consular section prior to your application.

6. Where can I extend my visa’s validity?

Visa validity on the ordinary passport can be extended at the designated offices of Ministry of Interior. Please follow their guidance. Validity of Tourist visa cannot be extended.


+81-(0)3-5574-7612 (13:30-16:30 is recommended for sooner service availability)

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Last updated: May 28, 2019